The Jewel Pod (ジュエルポット, Jueru Potto) is a touch-screen-like device used by the Jewelpets in Jewelpet Tinkle. It is actually used as a magical device which transports a Jewelpet into the Human World through a magical portal. It can even send a human and the Jewelpet into Jewel Land using the same transportation, but only through a computer. It can also freeze time, making the Jewelpet and its human partner have a good time in Jewel Land until they return to Earth. Several features of the Jewel Pot can be activated by touching it like a touch-screen phone, which came handy on browsing spells, using a radar to find its human partner or another Jewelpet and stores magical items like the Rare Rare Drops and the Ble Ble Drops.

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