Judy (ジュディ; Judi)
Race: Human (Rarerare)
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Birthday: 4th January, 200X
Star Sign: Capricorn
Age: 12
Gender: Femalegender Female
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Height: 158cm (formerly)
162 cm (current)
Weight: 45kg (formerly)
48 kg (current)
Blood Type: A
Professional Status
Affiliation: Magic Academy
Partner(s): Prase
Jewelstones: 12
Personal Status
Voiced By: Hisako Kanemoto (Japanese)

Judy (ジュディ; Judi) is Prase's human partner. She's the former champion of the Jewel Star Grand Prix and obtained the title, as well as the tiara. She is also a former student of the Magic Academy, the school wherein Akari and her friends attended. Judy appeared before Akari when she was transported 12 years ago to the past while practising the Rangula magic spell. Judy, like Akari, is not confident about her magic and shows Akari how to mend and restore the bells of the Magic Academy which have broken down in Akari's time. She graduated from the academy after she won before Akari and Ruby met 12 years later.