Lady Fealina
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Race: Human (Current)
Magician (Previous)
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Gender: Femalegender Female
Hair Color: Violet
Eye Color: Blue
Professional Status
Affiliation: Hayama, Japan
Hometown: Japan (Current)
Jewelland (Previous)
Partner(s): Opal (Previous)
Jewelstones: 12
Personal Status
Relatives: Alma Jinnai (Daughter)
Yuuma Jinnai (Son)
Voiced By: Shimamura Yu (Japanese)

Lady Fealina is Opal's former human partner and the mother of Alma and Yuuma.


Lady Fealina has straight, long, violet hair and round, blue, eyes. Her hair is styled downwards with a back side braid going down.


Lady Fealina is a kind-hearted and protective mother. She created a smile spell, Lamula Lamula Lamriars, to keep Alma happy. Fealina is always doing what is best for her children.


Fealina is the mother of both Yuuma and Alma, as well as one of the powerful magicians in Jewel Land. She made a wish to Jewelina to let her go to the Rarerare world and meet a man who has a strong power to live. Jewelina sent her to the human world and met Yuuma and Alma's father in Alaska, and they got married. However, because a powerful magician's life force wears away in the Rarerare world until said magician becomes dust, Fealina wanted to give up her magic to live in the Rarerare world and care for Alma and Yuuma. Believing the Battest had a spell to take away one's magical power, she undid the seal on Battest—however, seeing the result, she sealed the Battest again, which has put her into an eternal slumber into the Eternal Garden. After the incident, Jewelina separated the twins, Alma and Yuuma, to make sure that the Badest won't be unlocked. Fortunately, after Akari , Alma , Yuuma and others expel the Battest and won the Jewel Grand Prix, they were able to gain access to the Eternal Garden and wake Fealina from her long-time slumber, and she had a tearful reunion with her children. After that, she was able ti live with her family in RareRare, where she runs a flower shop.

Fealina's Jewelpet partners were both Opal and Angela (As revealed in Episode 36 after Alma got her Jewel Charm in a cave) and her relation to Jewelina is still unknown so far.