Marie Sakura
(桜万里絵; Sakura Marie)
Race: Human (Rarerare)
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Birthday: October 23rd
Gender: Femalegender Female
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green
Professional Status
Hometown: Kanagawa Prefecture, Hayama, Japan
Personal Status
Relatives: Akira Sakura (Husband)
Akari Sakura (Daughter)
Monica Sakura (Daughter)
Love Interest: Akira Sakura
Voiced By: Midori Takahashi (Japanese)

Marie Sakura (桜万里絵; Sakura Marie) is Akari and Monica's mother. She's a chief editor at a magazine in which her sister is featured as well as a good mother. She is unaware on Ruby's identity as a Jewelpet as Akari is taking care of her in their house. Though caring, she can be strict to her husband, especially when it comes to mail order.


Marie has shoulder-length, brown hair and round, green eyes. Her hair is slightly lighter than Akari's and she leaves her hair down. Marie often wears yellow earrings and makeup which includes pink lipstick. She is only seen in her work outfit which includes a gray jacket over a white shirt along with a pink tie. She wears a long gray skirt with red stockings and a pair of reddish-brown shoes.


Marie often gets angry at her husband's faults which is revealed to be because he was doing things out of kindness for others. She is also a bit strict at Akari when she eats ice-cream before bed. Marie is really proud of her daughter Monica leaving Akari lonely, but she has never compared the two. Marie is also very hard-working and works late till night, but she can so be clumsy and often drops and breaks plates. It is revealed that Akari is her 'source of power' to keep on working and she looks at her photos when she feels stressed out. Marie is watching over Monica's work all the time, but moreover, she watches over Akari as well and mentioned that she felt a little lonely when Akari started to grow more independent.