Monica Sakura
(桜モニカ; Sakura Monika)
Race: Human (Rarerare)
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Star Sign: Virgo
Age: 13+ (estimated)
Gender: Femalegender Female
Hair Color: Light Brown
Eye Color: Green
Height: 169cm(Estimated)
Blood Type: A
Professional Status
Affiliation: Sakura family
Hometown: Japan
Personal Status
Relatives: Akira Sakura (Father)
Marie Sakura (Mother)
Akari Sakura (Sister)
Voiced By: Yuka Iguchi (Japanese)

Monica Sakura (桜モニカ; Sakura Monika) is Akari's older sister, a famous teen celebrity and student council president of the school Akari attends. Because of her popularity, Akari developed an inferiority complex towards her, making her depressed and jealous. She is unaware about Akari's attendance in the Magic Academy in Jewel Land and even of the existence of the Jewelpets, even though both Ruby and Labra are living with Akari.


Monica is a teen celebrity, therefore her looks arhere more prettier than most girls in the anime. She has medium, wavy, light brown hair and round, green eyes. Monica has an average height and is usually wearing her middle school uniform. Her uniform includes a navy blue blazer over a white shirt with a red ribbon. Her shirt is tucked into a gray skirt and she wears black stockings with a pair of brown shoes.


Monica is the role-model and student council president of her school. She is admired by many for being both pretty and talented. She always has the top grades in her school and even has time to do work as a charisma model and teen actress. Because of her popularity, her sister Akari is a bit jealous of her and they started to grow distant which unexpectedly to Akari, made her feel a little lonely. Though she seems like a perfect teenager, Monica isn't actually very good at acting and her homework is always a mess. When Akari found this out, she told Monica that she didn't know her sister was putting so much effort into her work and that's the reason why she's shining brighter than others.