(ニコラ; Nikora)
JPT Eyecatch 8
Race: Human (Rarerare)
Grade: {{{grade}}}
Birthday: December 17rd
Star Sign: Sagittarius
Age: 7-8
Gender: Malegender Male
Hair Color: Light Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 138cm (formerly)
142cm (current)
Weight: 32kg (formerly)
35kg (current)
Blood Type: A
Professional Status
Affiliation: Magic Academy
Hometown: London
Partner(s): Titana
Jewelstones: 12
Personal Status
Relatives: Unknow parents
Love Interest: Sara
Voiced By: Momoko Ohara

Nicola (ニコラ; Nikora) is Titana's human partner and the youngest of all the Jewel Star Contestants. He's a young genius pianist from London and a smart aleck who likes to annoy Akari and Ruby. He calls himself a Super Genius, though he's a brat. He initially called Ruby and Akari the "dropout pair" due to their low magical ranking. Everyone normally considers him an annoying and arrogant kid, and he sometimes makes Labra cry. Nicola also stands as Sara's rival in the Jewel Star Grand Prix due to their knowledge in magic. His meeting with Titana happened after he won a piano championship as he has good piano playing skills. However, Nicola thinks his mother wasn't pleased with his achievements, making him sad as he was ordered to practice more so he can't fail a competition and get embarrassed. Titana appeared on Nicola's piano when he was crying while practicing at the same time. Titana liked his performance and Nicola's tears of sadness changed to tears of joy, since someone actually liked the piano piece that he played from his heart. His wish after he obtains the Jewel Star title is be recognized as a famous pianist and wanting his mother to recognize his achievements even more as her son. Nicola and Titana can also use magic together and has a magical costume, like the girls, but this isn't shown until episode 42. Nicola invited Sara to a date with him in episode 21 but was rejected because Miria and Sara swapped bodies


Nicola has wavy golden brown hair and purple eyes; his hair is slightly puffy and curls up at the end. His usual outfit consists of a white collared shirt with puff sleeves, either red or blue checkered vest, and gray shorts with a belt. He wears white knee-high socks with brown shoes. Being the youngest of the group, he is the shortest.


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