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Jewel Power

Dream Fulfillment


Magical Green

Voice Actor

Yuki Kaida

Peridot is one of the original Jewelpets of Season 1. She's a yellow and green Papillon who symbolizes dream fulfillment. She wears a green hairclip shaped like a butterfly, and a yellow and green flower garland around her neck. Debuting in Episode 12, she's the Gajin of all the residents of Jewel Land. She's popular, energetic and an English Speaker, who sometimes says some English words because of her bilingual skills. She's also one of the owners of the "Strawberry Cafe" in both Jewel Land and on Earth along with Milky and Luna.

In Jewelpet Twinkle, she's a Jewelpet who has the ability to see through someone's dreams, especially when she noticed on how not sure what Akari's dream is. She also seen hanging out with Akari and her friends and somehow has a big sister attitude towards Rald, especially when she gets angry. Peridot is the second Jewelpet in Jewelpet Twinkle who can fly other than Rin and the first who has a personal magic spell. In Jewelpet Sunshine, she is one of the students at Jewel Land's Sunshine Academy and also the most athletic of the group. She also works for the Academy's newspaper group. Her birthday is on August 3 and her name is based on the jewel Peridot.