Rinko Kougyoku is the main heroine of Jewelpet and Ruby's human partner. A 14-year-old junior high school student
from Takaragaseki City, Rinko is a normal girl who dreams of a Prince Charming on a white horse who will come and rescue her someday. Although she both attends Junior High School while on Earth and the Magic Academy in Jewel Land, Rinko also has Acrophobia, can be timid sometimes and has bad English speaking skills. She along with Ruby and her friends were chosen by the Four Great Magicians of Jewel Land to gather all the lost Jewelpets back to Jewel Land before something bad happens to both worlds. She has a crush on the mysterious person Andy, who is really a Jewelpet named Dian in disguise. In Episode 47, she is under Dian's spell and was captured by him, so that he could marry her while in his human form and in Episode 48, she somehow lost the Jewel Stick as Dian finally possessed it while Rinko and Akira reclaimed it in Episode 50. It's also revealed that Rinko is the prophesied savior of both the Human World and Jewel Land along with Ruby. In Episode 52, after they defeated Dark Dian, she was waiting between Akira's house and her house. Rinko told him she wanted him to hear what she had to say, but Akira teased her asking if she was too lonely without Ruby. They ended up arguing, but when Akira was about to go back to his house Rinko told him to wait and she confessed to him. They were about to kiss as well, but Ruby was in the middle and the couple ended up not kissing. Rinko is the only person who can use two Magical Items, the Jewel Pocketbook , used to awaken Jewelpets from their Jewel State along with Ruby, and the Jewel Stick , which she uses to cast Magic. In Episode 48, Dian stole the Jewel Stick from her. In Episode 50, Akira and Rinko reclaimed the Jewel Stick from Dian but all of its powers were gone.

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