Sulfur is one of the male teachers of Jewel Land and is Tour's partner. He's somehow the scaredy cat of all the magicians of Jewel Land and sometimes gets unlucky punishments.With housework he is the best cooking, cleaning, baking, you can leave it to him. In Episode 10 of Jewelpet Twinkle, there is another Sulfur who exists who is determined, brave, isn't scared, and overall awesome. It turned out to be an illusion by Tour. His name is based on Sulfur, a type of chemical element. In episode 29, his mother comes to vist but, didn't want to show that he's a scaredy cat so he battles Leon. Near the end Tour, Labra, Ruby, and Akira mixed their magic and created a Brave and cool Sulfur. When his mother came she slapped him back to normal. His mother looks a lot like him... :D