Jewel: Topaz
Species: Yorkshire Terrier
Gender: Female
Jewel Power: Confidence
Attribute: Magical Blue
Voiced by: Aki Kanada

Topaz is the sixth member of the Jewel Eight. She's a grey and brown Yorkshire Terrier who symbolizes Confidence. She wears a purple jewel necklace and a light purple bow. Debuting in Episode 42, she caused Akira's friend to lose confidence onto himself due to Dian's influence. She was reclaimed by Rinko's group once again and got the confidence of Akira's friend back. Unlike the other Jewelpets, she has long hair and always speaks in a Nagoya dialect. She appears on Jewelpet Sunshine on episode 25 on dance studio and fans over Dian. Her birthday is on November 12 and her name is based on the jewel Topaz.