Tour (トール)



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Ruussian Bbluue





Tour (トール) is the Jewelpet partner of Sulphur in Jewelpet Tinkle.


Tour is an active character who symbolizes adventure. He wears a necklace shaped like a green star. He always manage to jump away from danger which Sulphur always got hit (like the spell "Erebore" in episode 10). Sulphur is a coward and can't use powerful spell even as a teacher. Tour encourage him to stand back on his feet everytime and even stated that he become partner with Sulphur jusr because of the fun. Tour often help to remind Sulphur things that he forget. Tour is loved by Ruby in the anime. He has good friendship with every other Jewelpet like Rabura, Garnet, Dian, Sango and Sapphy but not so deep.


Tour can use quite a variety of spells with Sulphur but it seems Sulphur fails all spell when he uses alone. He reminded Sulphur the spell "Moiwakoribu" and they both used it together and saved everyone from falling down the rope bridge. He often wants Sulphur to use magic alone and it always end in fail.


Tour 2

Tour saving Ruby from drowning

Tour first appearance with Sulphur is in episode 5, he and Sulphur entered the class the first time and introduced themselves to everyone. Sulphur is incharge to teach them Magical Physics and it appears that Sulphur's knowledge in Magical Physics was no match to Sara. In the same episode, Tour saved Ruby from drowning in the lake and that makes Ruby call him "Mister Tour" while he reply her "my lively lady". This maybe a mark of a starting of relationship.


Tour and Ruby jumping on the rope bridge

In episode 6, Tour reminded Sulphur the spell "Moiwakoribu" and used it to save everyone from falling down the broken rope bridge, which the same spell is used again and again by Leon, Nicola, Sara, Akari and Miria bacause the bad effect of the item Moldavite bought from Magical Mailing.


Tour and Sulphur using magic together

In episode 10, in Jewelpet Tinkle, the "7 Mystery of the Magical Academy" is actually a total joke (well, the fake Sulphur part was real) and the prize for confirming them is only cookies shaped as stars and not Jewelstones. Everyone is angry with the joke and they all use the magic "Erebore" ending the episode with Sulphur being shocked by lightnings while Tour just stand back and say "tha'ts the Sulphur I know, haha!"

In episode 15, Tour become the host of the "Magical Cooking Competition" introducing the participants and the food they make.


Ruby looking at Tour

In episode 29, Tour accepts the challenge of Dian for a Magic Competition and eventually he knows he will lose at the very start as Sulphur can't use magic properly. He later stated that he become Sulphur's partner just because it is fun, but he can actually know Sulphur's feeling everytime.