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  • Purizumu

    I can see many wrong edits and I can see that some people don't really know how templates work, so I'm making this blog post to explain this. Thanks if you're trying to take the time to read this. I also know many ways people can help out on this wiki rather than just add information, and this post will also explain what kind of information can be added and where it should be added.

    I hope we all know what infoboxes are, they are on character pages such as Akari Sakura and are the boxes on the top right that contains data. Firstly, you can help by filling them in. To fill them in, go to source which is a tab at the top of the page when you go on edit mode. Something like this should come up:

    |image = |caption …

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  • Purizumu


    April 21, 2013 by Purizumu
    • To edit homepage, go to: or type in Template:Homepage in the search bar on the wiki. Everything besides the portal can be edited on there.
    • To edit character portal go to or type in Template:CharaPortalB in the search bar on the wiki.
    • To edit infobox, go to or type in Template:Character Infobox in the search bar on the wiki.
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